A Client Story

YNPN Phoenix

Personal Services

Here’s a familiar scene: a bunch of eager people running a professional organization on top of their full-time gigs. Simply planning and coordinating events takes a lot of effort. Planning the future? Finding new solutions? Yeah, well, maybe next quarter.

Founded in 2008, Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN) Phoenix is a chapter of the national nonprofit networking organization that was founded in 1997 in San Francisco. YNPN Phoenix is led by a 15-person board that organizes and hosts a monthly event, like CEO Roundtables and Beers and Ballots, for their 100 active members and hundreds of other young professionals.

Their Need

Before Front Desk, YNPN Phoenix managed their members, scheduling, and payments through an online Wordpress portal, supplemented by various Excel spreadsheets and Square. Members and attendees signed up for events online but made payments using credit cards, cash, or checks at the events. Payments were noted and then updated in Excel spreadsheets later back at the office. All of these manual processes and tracking of payments weren’t reliable—no one could be certain if and when a ball had been dropped.

The only information YNPN Phoenix and Nicoletta Fasano, the Board Secretary, were collecting from attendees was name and contact info. “We had no way to track data like career level, industry, birthday, or interests,” Nicoletta said. YNPN volunteers also didn’t have the data to help determine optimal event logistics or even important financial metrics like a break-even point.

Their Front Desk

At the West Coast YNPN Chapter Meeting, YNPN Denver shared their Front Desk success story and Nicoletta’s ears perked up. She knew how much the Phoenix chapter would benefit from a solution like this and wasted no time contacting the Front Desk team. Nicoletta says, “For us, switching to Front Desk has been a complete 180 as far as managing revenue and contributing to our strategic planning sessions.”

Now, for the first time in the chapter’s six-year history, they have solid data. They were able to use Front Desk for six months leading up to their yearly strategic planning session, which Nicoletta said proved to provide enough data to yield new insights and spark vital discussions about member conversion rates.

The YNPN Phoenix board is ecstatic about Front Desk and members are raving, too! Nicoletta told us that YNPN members are excited that they can manage their events, upload profile photos, and have a simple way to show their employers proof for reimbursement from their mobile devices.

What are the biggest benefits to YNPN Phoenix?

The YNPN Phoenix team swears by the Front Desk app to check people in at events. Before, they had to manage three different check-in payment methods. “The whole check-in process is a lot less time-consuming and stressful for us and our members!” says Nicoletta. Her and her team save an average of two to five hours per event that they previously spent manually checking people. And since “the program is very user-friendly” Nicoletta says they save hours once spent on confusing technical issues.

Not only was taking payments difficult, but follow-up was nearly impossible before Front Desk. Now Nicoletta and her crew can check the event, comp those who missed it, and follow-up with those who attended through the email marketing integration in Front Desk.

“These follow-ups contributed to a 5% increase in membership dues from members upgrading from passes to a membership.”

YNPN Phoenix also uses this event attendee information to see who registered but didn’t attend—making it simple to reach out to find out why they missed it. This feedback helps YNPN make more educated decisions to determine content, timing, and location of classes to better suit their members.

Another way that Front Desk has enabled YNPN Phoenix to be informed is through custom fields in member profiles. They now have the power to collect information like organization, job title, interests, and industry, which they leverage to easily segment and target members with Front Desk’s email marketing integration: “The MailChimp integration with Front Desk makes it easy to create templates for auto-assigned mailings. We can automatically blast a follow-up letter to everyone registered for a specific event or send a personalized letter for someone’s birthday.”

“For us, switching to Front Desk has been a complete 180 as far as managing revenue and contributing to our strategic planning sessions.”