A Client Story

Krav Maga Copenhagen

Martial Arts

A manager of multi-million-Euro tech projects, Daniel Moore couldn’t have known what a second tour of duty with the Royal Danish Army would launch. Originally from the UK and Ireland, Daniel trained from 2008–2010 as a hand-to-hand combat instructor for the army and began practicing CrossFit to boost his fitness level. But before Daniel was deployed, an acute spinal injury while on duty triggered a medical discharge, a reassessment, and a career change.

This career change manifested in the form of Daniel and his partners opening a gym in Copenhagen in 2010. In a few short years they learned the ins and outs of the business and tried various iterations of concept, location, and focus, finally settling on a combination of Krav Maga and CrossFit—Krav Maga Copenhagen (CPH) was born.

Krav Maga Copenhagen

Finding the perfect fit

Daniel and his crew grew to four full-time back-office employees and six part-time coaches working with nearly 300 active clients. That’s a big crew to manage! To keep everything straight Daniel tried various Danish software systems.

After a couple misses, he realized “It seemed that gym owners rarely spend much, if any, time analyzing their unique needs and workflows. So they just go with what everyone else is using and end up with poor solutions and the poor service experience that results.” That’s what brought Daniel to his breaking point. He says, “My frustration level got so high that I actually ended up programming my own system, using a combination of Filemaker and iWork from Apple.”

Daniel spent countless time researching, digging through CrossFit forums, and evaluating nearly every solution on the market. But, for him, nothing proved to be up to snuff. When Front Desk launched, Daniel took a look and immediately knew it was the solution for him—nothing else came close.

Results: saved time and more revenue

Daniel and his team like to be on the cutting edge. So when Krav Maga Copenhagen upgraded to Front Desk they took advantage of the Client Kiosk App with wall-mounted iPads used as check-in kiosks and all staff armed with iPads—the very model of a modern major service business.

“We’ve seen a drop from 18% to less than 2% of revenue lost.”

Even better than a state-of-the-art gym? The surge in revenue Krav Maga Copenhagen experienced when they made the switch. Front Desk notifies Daniel and his team when a client checking in has a missing payment so they can resolve the issue right then and there. “We’ve seen a drop from 18% to less than 2% of revenue lost through members ‘forgetting’ to pay their monthly bills.” Being able to close the gap on unpaid bills with Front Desk has greatly decreased lost monthly revenue and put that hard-earned money where it’s supposed to be—in Krav Maga CPH’s bank account.

Another feature that helps the team work more efficiently is the ability to bill directly to members through Purchase Requests. This is especially useful for their teenaged clients—their guardians usually fund the training but don’t attend sessions. The Krav Maga CPH team can send a purchase request email that lets guardians easily complete payment wherever they are. That means no more wasting time chasing around payment.

Krav Maga Copenhagen

Krav Maga CPH found ultimate time efficiency with Front Desk. Daniel says, “Before Front Desk I was spending 20 to 25 hours each week on the admin/financial side of the business. Now I’m down to less than 30 minutes a day.” That means that Daniel is saving around 20 hours of management time each week! “The fact that we’re saving 20 hours each week, combined with a huge reduction in revenue loss, means Front Desk is a clear winner for us—both now and as we expand.”

"The fact that we’re saving 20 hours each week, combined with a huge reduction in revenue loss, means Front Desk is a clear winner for us."