A Client Story

CrossFit Oakland


CrossFit Oakland opened its first location in 2005, providing CrossFit classes, bootcamps, Olympic weightlifting, and seminars. In 2013, owners Mike Minium and Robyn Alazraqui then opened a second location along with Tamara Holmes. Across the two locations, they were now managing four full-time employees and eight contractors with more than 35 classes each week for over 425 clients.

Change for the best

To manage the gyms, the team used a desktop-based business management software, augmented with separate reporting software, and a third-party mobile app. Having a mobile business was critically important to CrossFit Oakland and their clients, so it was a blow when their software stopped supporting the third-party mobile app.

CrossFit Oakland

Robyn heard about Front Desk and the choice was a no-brainer. She said, “We got a quick demo of Front Desk and knew immediately it was what we wanted. The bonus was being able to work with people we liked and respected.”

Clients are #1

The biggest seller for the CrossFit Oakland team was the mobile capabilities of Front Desk—not just for managing the business but for their clients to manage their profiles and schedules. Mike, Robyn, and Tamara agree that happy clients is their number one goal—and rightly so! By giving clients a way to check the schedule and sign up and pay for classes beforehand online increases business while cutting down on admin time.

Front Desk gives CrossFit Oakland a much more professional presence that has enhanced the entire organization. Clients constantly comment on how much they like using Front Desk and how easy it is for them to sign up for classes on their phones.

CrossFit Oakland

Prior to class, instructors sign clients in on Front Desk on their smartphones rather than on paper. The CrossFit Oakland team says this new, real-time check in process is so critical to their business, they don’t know how they lived without it: “When checking in a client, I know immediately if there's an issue with their account since every detail is right in front of me. It's so much more efficient to have a conversation in person rather than to send an email or a letter to that client.” By notifying instructors at the time of check in if there are any issues on the client’s account—like whether a payment is needed or their card will expire soon—they can ask for a new form of payment right then and there, avoiding problems later.

"Front Desk has put us on the cutting edge, and that’s right where we like to be."