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2017-02-13 21:54:41

Front Desk today announced that revenues for the fiscal year 2016 increased 60% over 2015. This year over year revenue growth is almost double the industry average for cloud-based software platforms dedicated to helping service businesses manage their clients, merchandise and facilities.

Front Desk’s revenue growth means that the company has dramatically increased its market share versus its largest competitors. Well over half of the company’s new monthly revenue came from dissatisfied customers switching from another solution or from businesses that were looking to take advantage of Front Desk’s state of the art technology, easy-to-use experience and affordable price point.

“We are extremely happy with our 2016 results,” said CFO Annette Eyraud. “The strong top-line numbers are excellent validation of the Front Desk platform, our superior customer service and our customer-first culture.”

It was an exceptional year for Front Desk in other areas as well. In Q4, the company announced partnerships with both Google and Facebook that allow clients to sign up for classes directly from a Google search or Facebook page. Partnerships like these make available the over one million classes Front Desk customers offer each month.

In addition, Front Desk launched a mobile app platform that allows its customers to interact with their clients via a branded iOS or Android app. Keeping with the commitment to put its customers at the forefront in their interactions with their clients, the mobile app is entirely skinned with the gym or facilities own brand. Also in Q4, the company released Insights, which gives business owners easy-to-use and actionable dashboards to help them manage and grow their business.

“It’s been a tremendous and sometimes difficult year,” said Eyraud. “We lost our leader and North Star, Jon Zimmerman, in the spring, but the company persevered and delivered results that Jon would have been proud of. The resilience and commitment of our employees is unequalled and we hope that shows in our ongoing and growing relationships with our customers.”

Front Desk provides small business owners within the personal services industry the tools they need to successfully run and grow their businesses. The mobile-friendly platform allows owners of class-based businesses — strength and conditioning gyms, yoga and pilates studios, music and dance schools, and more — to manage everything from clients and schedules to billing and payroll.

Kevin Klustner

Written by Kevin Klustner

Chief Revenue Officer, Front Desk