Read All About It: How I got the scoop on business from my paperboy job

May 25, 2017

We were sitting around the Front Desk offices the other day and somehow got onto the topic of our first jobs.  Mine was as a paperboy for the San Francisco Chronicle. It got me thinking about how important that first job was for me in helping me understand business values and concepts.  And I now realize that I’ve carried these values throughout my career.

When Clients Have Commitment Issues: How to Fix an Underperforming Class

May 23, 2017

You spent a lot of time planning out your new class. You thought about the class content, logistics, and instructors. You’re excited about it.

Finding Your Competitive Advantage

May 16, 2017

Your clients are your number one focus, and rightly so–after all, they’re the reason you started your business. But if you aren’t also keeping an eye on your competitors, you may be missing out on some huge business opportunities. Use the tips in this post to make sure you aren’t losing clients to the business down the street.

Staffing Your Business, Part 3: Termination

May 11, 2017

At some point in your career, you’ll hire someone who seems like they’re great, but then sooner or later, they’re not so great and need to go. When this happens, stick to your standards to assess the situation.

Four Metrics That Will Measure the Health of Your Business

May 09, 2017

As an executive at Front Desk, I think about business performance metrics virtually all the time. I’m constantly looking at data and analysis to determine the health of our business, which as you know is providing business management software to service providers like you.

Creating Long-Term Business: Tips for Client Retention

May 04, 2017

Some churn is inevitable, but there are steps to take to minimize churn and improve the client experience.