10 Steps to Buying a Small Business

Apr 04, 2016

A version of this article previously appeared on AvvoStories

So you want to be the boss? If you’ve always wanted to call the shots, then buying a small business may be right for you. Before you take the plunge, follow these 10 steps to make sure your dream business is not a nightmare.


How to upsell in a service business (without being sleazy)

Mar 28, 2016

While your staff may be well trained at the day-to-day—a motivational teacher, friendly front desk greeter, or ship-shape manager—they may not be knowledgeable or excited about upselling. This fruitful revenue channel is one area that many businesses tend overlook.

We’re not talking sleazy used car salesman upsell. We’re talking well-informed, good for the customer, good for the business upsell.

Engage Employees to Keep Customers

Mar 15, 2016

Your employees are the key to success with your customers. 

12 Design Tips for a more Professional Website

Mar 14, 2016

No design experience needed

How to Fire Someone from Your Small Business

Mar 08, 2016

A version of this article previously appeared on AvvoStories

Do you want to fire someone? If so, then this article might save your company thousands in legal fees.

As an employment lawyer, I’ve represented employees in lawsuits against companies who screw up terminations. Some of my best cases would not have been cases at all had the business owner used a little common sense before terminating my client. Consulting a basic termination checklist could have kept them from feeling the sting of a lawsuit from my office.

3 Steps to your Competitive Advantage

Mar 02, 2016

What is one of the most crippling business mistakes? Failing to identify your competitive advantage. Your competitive advantage is the result of your efforts to make your services stand out by providing unique value to customers in comparison to the competition. It's either the extra value or better prices you offer your clients that sets you apart.